Getting dressed each day can be a struggle and trying to put together outfits you love can be frustrating.

Retailers want you to buy more and more items but what you really need is to know how to put pieces together to make complete looks.

What this mean is that you have . . .

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Does this sound like you?

Women spend 17 minutes everyday deciding what to wear, while only using 25% of their wardrobe.


We can solve this problem for you in 3 easy steps:

By using our shopping guide, links and looks, you will save time getting dressed and save you money by only purchasing what you need. The result is that you will have more time to do the things you enjoy and you will feel great in what you are wearing.

We do this by teaching you how to:

  1. identify pieces you already own that are in our seasonal looks

  2. shop from our guide for only the items you actually need.

  3. get 30+ photo looks you can wear day to night all season long.

And the best part is that a wardrobe stylist will be by your side throughout the process to assist you from closet to shopping to making your looks.


How a session works


Week 1

  • Complete a style survey and send a picture to your stylist

  • Cleanout & organize your closet

  • Use our Checklist to shop your closet first and then identify the items you will be shopping for


Weeks 2 & 3

  • With the help of your stylist, shop our recommended links for the pieces you NEED

  • Receive shopping inspired looks

  • Make your purchases in-store or online

  • Contact your stylist for additional recommendations


Week 4

  • Screenshot, download or print postcards of 30+ looks to use from day to night.

  • Make additional looks from new and existing pieces with guidance from your stylist.

  • Have a closet full of items with looks you can replicate all season.


All 4 Weeks

  • Three private one-on-one sessions with their stylist via private chat

  • get advice, clarify items, help with issue areas or specific needs and get the answers you need to build your best wardrobe 

Our Service


How we are different

Unlike traditional personal stylists and shoppers, Millie & Main is a completely digital experience that guides you through a process that you can complete at your own pace with no stress, scheduling conflicts or life events getting in the way.

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A proven process

The process has been designed to guide and instruct you so that you have the tools and recommendations to build amazing combinations whether you are shopping online or in a store. You will receive a proven method to organize your closet, rediscover great items that you already own and a blueprint for making smart purchases and visuals on how to put together your new looks.


a dedicated stylist

A dedicated stylist will guide you and a small group of others that have similar goals for the session. By the end of a season you will have dozens of complete looks to use from day to night.

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