Fashion Simplified

buy less. wear more.


Are you always shopping but have nothing to wear?


Deciding what outfits to wear each day can be frustrating.

As people’s time becomes increasingly limited even the savviest shoppers are struggling to stay on top of the latest season’s trends and sort through hundreds of online retailers to find the right piece for their budget.

Retailers want you to buy more and more items but what you really need is to know how to put pieces together to make complete looks.

Unlock the potential of your closet

Millie & Main has created a simple and easy process to help you have a great wardrobe for every season by combining clothes you already own with a few new purchases. 





What’s In Style?

Navigate the latest trends with guidance from our stylist team.


Do I Own It?

Shop your closet first with our seasonal shopping guide.


How do I wear it?

See complete outfits to use all season long.



Where do I get it?

Use our shopping links to purchase only what you need.

By using our shopping guide, links and looks, you will save time getting dressed and save money by only purchasing what you need.

The result is that you will have more time to do the things you enjoy and you will feel great in what you are wearing.

Give us a try.